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Work-Based Learning Toolkit

Work-Based Learning

Purpose of the Toolkit

This tool kit is designed to help district staff, pathway teams and work-based learning coordinators develop work-based learning experiences that are:

Coordinated, sequenced, and scaled where all pathway students participate in and have access to a continuum of high-quality, real-world learning experiences. The sequence culminates in an extended, intensive work-related experience that may occur in a workplace, in the community, at school, and/or when using virtual technology. (Certification Criteria 2.6.1)

Connected to coursework so each WBL experience is aligned to pathway student learning outcomes; helps students develop transferable, applied workplace skills; and provides opportunities for them to apply academic and technical knowledge and skills learned in the classroom. (Certification Criteria 2.6.2)

This tool kit provides the continuum of experiences that students should have access to in elementary through high school and beyond that help students attain a set of student learning outcomes that prepare them for college and career. The guide and tools section provides a section of resources that have been vetted by partners from the National Academy Foundation, CASN and ConnectEd.