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Work-Based Learning

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    Advisory Board and Partnership Development

    Advisory Boards are an essential element to the success of pathways/academies and to the quality of work-based learning experiences within each pathway. Advisory Boards provide fundamental advise, assistance, support and advocacy for academies/pathways. The tools included below are intended to help you effectively engage, utilize, deepen and measure the effectiveness of your business and community partners.

    Advisory Board Outreach, Development & Initial Planning
    National Academy Foundation planning tool for the recruitment of new or potential advisory board members.
    Describes the stages of partnership engagement in Advisory Boards.
    This document will assist you in Forming an Advisory Board, Running Effective Meetings, Maximizing Advisory Board Expertise, Evaluating Effectiveness and Acknowledging Support.
    This Advisory Board Manual is intended to assist NAF Academy Directors and Advisory Board Chairs and members in the formation, development, growth and sustainability of an effective Academy Advisory Board.
    This matrix contains a series of pre-scheduled activities and events with suggested timeframes based on grade levels of Academy students.
    A set of standards developed by NAF for Advisory Boards.
    Slides from the May 1, 2013 Webinar entitled "Developing an Advisory Board for your Academy or Pathway"
    Advisory Board Structure & Governance
    The following by-laws are based on existing Academy Advisory Board by-laws currently in use. They are provided for guidance and should serve as a model.
    A set of standards developed by NAF for Advisory Boards.
    Advisory Board Outcomes & Assessments