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Hunger Games Challenge

The Challenge

  • How did North America become Panem, the post-apocalyptic world of The Hunger Games?
  • How can we avoid a similar path in our world?

Students who demonstrate their academic prowess by answering these questions will have a chance to win big!

ConnectEd Studios and Educurious have joined forces to create an exciting project that applies the The Hunger Games premise to real-world dilemmas. Fully loaded, the project contains Common Core aligned lesson plans, media resources, and performance tasks, ready to be deployed by educators. It’s all available on ConnectEd Studios.

Your Mission

Have we piqued your interest? We thought so.
If you’re already familiar with ConnectEd Studios, a couple of simple steps will get you started:

  1. Sign in to ConnectEd Studios
  2. Select Curriculum Directory under the Curriculum & Assessment tab
  3. Choose the The Hunger Games Challenge: Avoiding the Path to Panem project and Add Project
  4. Invite your students to the project

New to Studios? Need a refresher? Have some questions about the project? We’ve got you covered. Follow the links to the right to register an account with ConnectEd Studios, view our Help Guide, and/or contact us via email.


The Industry Professionals

Select industry professionals will be available to interact with students as they develop their entries, providing real-world feedback and encouragement.

The Judges

High-profile judges will review student submissions and decide the winners based on the strength of their arguments and the quality of their presentations.

The Timeline

December/January- Industry professional matching
May 1- Student final submissions are due
May 30- Winners announced

The Pathways

This project is ideal for Digital Media Arts, Law and Justice, and Information Technology pathways.

How we can help